Core Competencies

In order to ensure the highest standard of professional excellence the AFSRB has created a competency profile for Funeral Directors, Embalmers and Pre-Need sales people. The competency profile is designed to be the framework within which professional expectations are set.

The primary intention of the competency profile is to ensure that all educational and training programs that lead to candidates being considered for licensing as a Funeral Director, Embalmer and/or Pre-Need Sales person meet a high and consistent standard. All educational programing is expected to demonstrate training components that reflect the elements of the competencies.

The competency profile is also a tool for professionals to ensure they are reflecting and maintaining the highest level of professional excellence within their funeral service business. The competency profile provides a set of standard expectations that can be used to drive improvement and growth within funeral service.

The competency profile is a companion document and does not supersede the Code of Conduct, regulatory framework, legislative authority or regulatory discretion of the AFSRB.


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