Why Plan Ahead?

Although people tend to avoid thinking about funerals until faced with the death of a loved one, it’s really just a natural part of planning for the future. It’s like naming guardians for your children, taking out life insurance or drawing up a will.

Waiting until death, a time of stress and grief, often makes it difficult to finalize the necessary arrangements. Planning ahead can help.

By reading the booklet, Funeral Planning in Alberta (our office can provide you with a copy), you’ll find out more about many of the steps required in making funeral arrangements.

  • What major decisions must be made when arranging a funeral
  • How to make funeral arrangements for someone else
  • The alternatives to traditional funerals and burials
  • How to plan for your own funeral
  • How to donate a body or organs to medical science

This booklet can help make the process more meaningful and less intimidating.


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