The  Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board (AFSRB or the “Board”) is empowered by the Alberta Funeral Services Act (the “Act”) to consider and investigate complaints regarding the conduct or actions of any person licensed pursuant to the Act.

The Board will accept and investigate complaints. complaints must be made in writing on the  Board Complaint Form. Complaint forms are available from the Board office by calling 1.800.563.4652 or they may be found and printed from the Forms section of this web site.

When a complaint is received the Complaints Investigator will review it for the following:

  • Has the funeral business or funeral employee violated the Funeral Services Act or Regulations?
  • Does any alleged action on the part of a licensee undermine or compromise the professional integrity of the funeral services industry?
  • Is it in the public interest to take action?

The Complaints Investigator will ask the complainant if they have already contacted the funeral business in an attempt to resolve their complaint. If not, this will be suggested as the first course of action.

If the complainant is unwilling or unable to proceed with this request, or the complaint has not been resolved to his or her satisfaction, the Complaints Investigator will begin the investigation.  

Complainants will also be asked for permission to include their name and letter of complaint in any correspondence with the funeral services business named in the complaint.

The Complaints Investigator will notify the business manager of the funeral business of the complaint and ask for a written response within two weeks time. If a complaint is unsubstantiated, both the complainant and the funeral business will be notified of the results of the investigation.  

If the Complaints Investigator finds that a contravention of the Funeral Services Act or the Regulations has occurred, the Board will instruct the funeral service business to rectify the contravention or require the licensee to appear before the board to determine the future status of his or her license.

If an investigation produces any evidence that a criminal act has occurred or is occurring, the matter will be immediately referred to the Police Agency of Jurisdiction.


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