Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing education makes a positive difference in the eyes of the consumer. It demonstrates to the public that funeral professionals are keeping up with changes related to their area of expertise, i.e. new developments, new technology, new approaches. There is power in life-long learning.

Every licensee is required to complete both the 9 hours of Self Defined Learning and the 3 hours of Regulator Defined Learning every three years in order to maintain an active licence.

The Regulator Defined Learning will be available March 1st, 2015 for completion by March 1st, 2016.

As a licensee it is your responsibility to maintain professional competence. Self regulation is a privilege. To confirm participation and completion of continuing education requirements each licensee is required to maintain a record of the continuing education they have completed. The licensee must also provide a completed Continuing Education Report Form every three years with their licence renewal application. In addition the AFSRB Inspector will conduct spot checks for continuing education completion.

All licensees are reminded that signing a false or misleading statement that the licensee knows or ought to know is false, misleading or otherwise improper, may be considered professional misconduct.

No. Continuing education activities do not have to be approved by the AFSRB.

All continuing education requirements must be completed by March 1, 2016 and then every three year period after that date.

Yes. All new licensees are required to complete continuing education requirements.

If you have questions about continuing education call the AFSRB at 1 800 563 4652 or