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How do I open a funeral services business in Alberta?

An Alberta Funeral Services Business Licence authorizes the holder to enter into funeral services contracts with members of the public. Funeral Business Licences are issued by the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board.

See Guidelines for Funeral Service Contracts for more information.

Licence requirements

To obtain an Alberta Funeral Services Business Licence you must submit the following to the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board.

  • Completed Funeral Services Business Licence Application
  • The Funeral Business Licence Fee  
  • Certificate of Incorporation from Alberta Registry
  • Municipal Building and Zoning Approvals
  • Municipal Business Licence
  • Standard Pre-need Funeral Contract if Pre-need Funerals are entered into
  • Standard At-need Funeral Contract used at this location

The first-time Funeral Business Licence fee is $500.00. 

A Funeral Business Licence is an annual licence that expires on March 31st of each year.

Once the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board has received your completed Licence Application, the required documentation, and your funeral business licence fee, the Board will inspect your funeral services business for compliance to the Funeral Services Act and Regulations.

The inspection will include the following:

1. Funeral service contracts

All funeral services contracts must

  1. be in writing,
  2. be signed by the purchaser and by
    1. a funeral director of the funeral services business, or
    2. a pre-need salesperson of the funeral services business, if it is a pre-need funeral services contract.
  3. contain a detailed listing of the goods and services to be provided by the funeral services business and the cost to be charged to the purchaser for each of those goods and services, and
  4. contain a statement of cancellation rights in accordance with section 9 of the Funeral Services General Regulation, if it is a pre-need funeral services contract.

2. Name of the business

If a funeral services business carries on business under a name or style other than its corporate name, the corporate name must be clearly disclosed to the public on the letterhead, contracts and price lists of the business.

3. Embalming

A funeral services business that offers embalming at one or more of its business locations must have in place a code of practice for embalming that is established specifically for each location. the code of practice must be prepared in accordance with section 26 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Regulations under that Act.

A funeral services business that offers embalming must have at least one room used exclusively for keeping, embalming and preparing human bodies for disposition.

4. Business manager

Each funeral services business shall appoint a person to act as the business manager for the business. 

The business manager must

  1. represent the funeral services business in all matters relating to its licensed activities,
  2. be responsible for the operation of the business and the conduct of the funeral directors, funeral director trainees, embalmers, embalmer trainees, pre-need salespersons and pre-need sales trainees employed by the business, and
  3. ensure that the funeral services business maintains records in accordance with the Funeral Service Act and Regulations.
  4. ensure that it is a licensed funeral director or a funeral director trainee acting under the supervision of a licensed funeral director who enters into funeral services contracts on behalf of the funeral services business with members of the public and arranges or directs funeral of memorial services.
  5. ensure that embalming is performed only by a licensed embalmer or by an embalmer trainee under the supervision of an embalmer.
  6. be a licensed funeral director.

A funeral services business must have a separate funeral services business licence for each of its business locations.

Occupational Health & Safety Standards

The business must comply with all Occupational Health and Safety Standards. This includes proper ventilation and WHMIS and First Aid Training.

Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA)

On April 1, 2009, the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) came into effect.  The TILMA states that any worker certified for an occupation by a regulatory authority of BC or Alberta shall be recognized as qualified to practice that occupation by the other province.

Under the TILMA, the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board will recognize any worker who has holds a current funeral director or embalmer licence from the British Columbia  Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority as qualified to practice as a funeral director or embalmer in Alberta.

The application requirements for a British Columbia funeral director coming to Alberta are:

  1. Completion of the AFSRB Licensing Application form including a current Police Record Check
  2. Proof of good standing in British Columbia
  3. Payment of licensing fee
  4. Completion of the AFSRB Examination of Alberta Legislation

The application requirements for a British Columbia embalmer coming to Alberta are:

  1. Completion of the AFSRB Licensing Application form including a current Police Record check
  2. Proof of good standing in British Columbia
  3. Payment of licensing fee

If you require additional information please contact Marilyn McPherson, Administrator, Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board at or 1.780.452.6130.

Further information on the TILMA can be found at

Applicable legislation

  • Funeral Services Act
  • Funeral Services General Regulation
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulation
  • Public Health Act
  • Bodies of Deceased Persons Regulation

All legislation is available from:

Queen’s Printer
Main Floor - Park Plaza
10611 98 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2P7
Phone: 780.427.4952
Fax: 780.452.0668

McDougall Centre
455 - 6th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 4E8

For further information about how to obtain a Funeral Services Business Licence, call the AFSRB office at 1.800.563.4652.


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