To set and maintain the highest level of competence, ethics and educational standard for funeral service professionals.


Members of the Board


Christine Rapp, Q.C., Public Member

Christine G. Rapp Q.C. practiced law with the firm of Field LLP for more than 30 years.  Her practice was in general commercial areas such as corporate, business, real estate, financing and contracts.  She bring to the Board legal context in matters relating to governance, legislative interpretation and contracts as well as personal experience developed through her volunteer Board memberships.  Ms. Rapp is currently a semi-retired sole practitioner.

Ms. Rapp has been active in various lawyers’ associations including the Law Society of Alberta, Legal Education Society of Alberta, Canadian Bar Association, and Canadian Association of University Solicitors.  Her appointment to the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board took effect on April 1, 2013.  Her other recent volunteer activities include being a director and president of the Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada (SEVEC), a tutor with the Centre for Family Literacy, a member of the Alberta Student Finance Board, a member of the executive of the Canadian Federation of University Women Edmonton – Academics Awards Fund, a director and vice-president of the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights and a track-and-field throws official with Athletics Alberta.


Dorothea Schaab, Industry Member

Dorothea was introduced to funeral service through her business career with Gunderson Public Relations and Canadian Funeral News.

Starting in 1971, Dorothea looked after the Alberta Funeral Information Service. This was a telephone answering service (provided by members of the Alberta Funeral Service Association) through which Albertans could receive general information on funeral service traditions and costs and be directed to AFSA members for follow up. (This was before the internet age of information.) In 1988, the Alberta Funeral Service Association recognized Dorothea for 17 years of commitment to AFIS from 1971 to 1988.

After starting her own desktop publishing business in 1990, Dorothea felt a call to return to funeral service with a particular interest in grief counseling and aftercare support for families.

In May of 1995 a position opened at Leyden’s Funeral Home as business accountant. It

was an interesting role, providing insight on funeral service business management. She challenged the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board’s funeral director’s exam in September 1995 becoming a licensed funeral director.

In 1999, she began meeting with families to arrange and direct funeral services and continued in this role when she transferred to Mountain View Funeral Home in June of 2000. In June of 2002, Dorothea returned to Leyden’s Funeral Home as manager. In January 2008 she returned to Mountain View Funeral Home as assistant manager / funeral director.

She is a member of the Rotary Club of Calgary South and has facilitated grief seminars at her church. She was elected to the AFSA board of directors in 2005, and served as president from 2009-2011.



Jeff Hagel, Industry Member

After working for Ski Cellar part time on the equipment sales floor for 10 years Jeff knew he had a passion for small business and helping provide people with great customer service. In 2000 he graduated with an applied degree in small business and entrepreneurship and a diploma in international business from Mount Royal University. Working outside of the funeral profess still for Ski Cellar part time and full time for Chrysler Financial gave him a great insight to the relationship between small businesses and their financial lender while still seeing first hand how important it was to work hard and provide great customer service.

In 2005 Jeff made a career change and moved to Edmonton to begin his career in the Funeral Profession. Now in his 9th year with McInnis and Holloway and 5 years as a partner Jeff is eager to increase his involvement with the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board to protect the profession well into the future.



Born and raised in Southern Alberta, he began his funeral service career in 1993, in Lethbridge, where he became licenced as a funeral director and embalmer. Scott and his wife were fortunate to be able to start their family in Lethbridge and in 2002, made the decision to relocate their family to Calgary where he continued in funeral service before starting with Southland Funeral Chapel of Taber in 2004. Scott, along with a business partner, purchased Southland Funeral Chapel in the spring of 2014.

After almost twenty five years in the industry, Scott remains passionate about funeral service but more importantly takes his role as a caregiver very seriously. He believes that caring for those who have passed away and their families is a privilege, not a right. His commitment to both the funeral service industry and the families he is privileged to support is an opportunity to serve both professionally and personally. Scott feels strongly that the opportunity to serve with the regulatory board offers him the ability to assist in ensuring that the foundation of ethics and integrity in funeral service will continue to remain strong for years to come.

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